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A wedding in Italy is very special,

and it's one of the top wedding destinations.


Some films have even been made of weddings in Italy.


Italy is a very divers country, that offers beaches, but also lots of culture, history, etc...


Typical examples are Venice, Rome, firenze, or the provinces of Tuscany or Umbrië.


Very romantic, and that's why you'll find various wedding planner organisations in in the region.


A search on the internet is bound to give you immediate results.


Unfortunatly, Italy is also one of the most expensive places to get married abroad.


The days of cheap pizza - even if you would consider serving pizza on your wedding dinner - are long gone.


It's one of the reasons why weddings in Spain are increasingly popular, because the price difference with Italy is huge.

10 frequently asked questions about weddings abroad


According to marketing research 2/3 of the wedding couples consider a destination wedding.


The information on the internet and on various forums is confusing, to say the least.


As  professional and experienced wedding planners on the Spanish Costa Blanca, we receive a lot of questions about weddings abroad.


On these pages we will try to answer to these questions.

Weddings in Italy are very popular