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Yes, you can !


However, almost all countries have noise restrictions from 10 PM onwards, some a bit later, and it's very difficult if not impossible to obtain a special license.


So the solution is very simple ; avoid complaints !


This however, is not so easy to do, because as is shown in the image below, sound travels in all directions,

and reaches very far, especially the basses.

There are 2 options to avoid complaints, so that you can party until the early hours.


Choose a venue which is so isolate, then nobody can complain


This is definitely the most efficient solution.


Hire a special sound system which is designed to create minimal disturbance to neighbors


High end line array speaker systems can be programmed to send the music mostly forward.

If your venue is at seafront, ideally the music will be directed to the dance floor, and then towards the sea.


You can enjoy perfect, super high quality dance music on the dance floor, while neighbors will still be able to sleep with minimal or no disturbance.


It's not a 100% absolute guarantee, but it reduces the risk of complaints severely.


The Costa Blanca Events Xperience Live II sound system

It's a high end, professional line array sound system, which has been programmed especially to create minimal noise disturbance on outdoor weddings.


It provides superb music quality, while the onboard technology focusses the music towards the dance floor and the area immediately surrounding and behind the dance floor.


In short, ideal for an unforgettable outdoor wedding dance party !


We offer 3 options ;


- Rent of our DJ with a traditional sound system ( if allowed by the venue )

- Rent of the Xperience Live II sound system in combination with our DJ

-  Rent of the Xperience Live II sound system in combination with your own DJ, but under supervision of our DJ


Please consult us for prices.

Can I celebrate my whole wedding ; ceremony, reception, dinner and dance party outdoors ?