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We are often asked why we don't divulge the name and address of our wedding venues, accommodations and suppliers prior to a visit to our venues or signing the wedding planner agreement.


Well, there are 2 reasons for that ;


( 1 ) They don't want the special deals we have with them to be public.


With most of our venues, accommodations ans suppliers we have negotiated special deals which are often much lower then the prices they charge for the same, or similar services.


For obvious reasons, they don't want that the combination of their services, at our special deal prices are published, since it could create problems with their own customers.


( 2 ) We do all the work


They're able to offer these special deals since we relieve them of a lot of work.


Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, and often wedding couples request quotations from different venues, accommodations, etc.


With Costa Blanca Events, they know that they don't have to make any quotations, answer any e-mail request or questions, show their venue to interested wedding couples, explain their services, etc.


This saves them a lot of work and time, which is why they offer our wedding couples a better deal.


But obviously, they don't want our wedding couples contacting them directly, since then it would result in a loss of time and money.


Additionally, most of the managers of venues, accommodations, and suppliers hardly ( or don't ) speak any other language than Spanish, and because most of our wedding couples come from abroad, they don't speak Spanish, which obviously makes communication difficult, and misunderstandings probable.


So our deal with them is very simple ;


( 1 ) They have informed us of all the details and conditions of their services, so we don't have to contact them if we have a quotation request from a wedding couple.


( 2 ) With most venues, accommodations and suppliers we have negotiated special deals, and they offer our wedding couples a lowest price guarantee ; so that our wedding couples are sure that the same service, for the same date and within the same conditions is be impossible to find elsewhere at a lower price, either via another agency, or directly with the venue, accommodation or supplier.


( 3 ) We're allowed and able to give all information, and answer all question, make quotations, etc but we're only allowed to disclose their name and address when an interested couple has booked a visit to our venues, in which they agree to the condition of not contacting the venue, accommodation or supplier directly or the wedding couple has booked their wedding through Costa Blanca Events.  

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