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What is the task of a wedding planner for a wedding abroad, and what are the advantages or disadvantages of a local weddingplanner ?


To start with, no two wedding planner organisations are alike.


Some wedding planners abroad offer standard packages, whereas others fully customise their services on the wedding day to the preferences of the wedding couple, whereas can offer services from arrival until departure, not only for the wedding couple but also for their guests.


It's up to bride and groom to decide which option they prefer.


In my personal experience, no two weddings are alike, and every bride and groom deserves a level of attention and personal service that simply cannot be offered in an all-inclusive wedding package.


But it's a given that planning and organising a wedding requires a lot of time and preparation, and that it's nearly impossible in DIY, and even more so if you don't speak the local language.

A good communication and understanding between the wedding planner and bride and groom is very important.


Time difference between the wedding couples home and their wedding destination can complicate this, as can differences in work / leisure time, office hours of the wedding planner, etc...


That's why Costa Blanca Events uses a number of tools, some of which have been designed especially for us.


The most important one of them is YOEP, Your Online Event Planner.

A good understanding and communication with your wedding planner is very important.

Yoep has been designed especially for Costa Blanca Events and allows for 24/7 access to your

personal wedding plan, allowing you to add, modify, delete and order services, select your preferences, etc...


Your entire wedding planning, guest list, preferences, menu, flowers, but also all details, photo's, prices etc... is available to you via Yoep, and that is really extremely convenient !


Beside of Yoep, we also use other tools that make the planning and organisation of your wedding very easy.

Via Yoep, Your Online Event Planner,

you will have 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

access to a fully updated version of your personal wedding plan.

We often use skype, a tool that can be downloaded for free and allows free calls over the internet, during which links, images, etc can be exchanged.

That enables us to - while talking - show you what we mean, and create for a better visual presentation of the item at hand.

These tools allow us to communicate with bride & groom and their guests in the most efficient way, regardless of time or cultural differences, and by doing so get a perfect understanding of the wishes and preferences of bride & groom, so we can plan their perfect wedding.


As wedding planners we are the link between the weddingcouple and the local suppliers, such as venues, accommodations, etc


Unfortunatly, most managers or event managers in Spain only have limited knowledge of the English language, and that makes communication extremely complicated, unless of course you speak Spanish.


Additionally, Spain doesn't have a good 'telephone or e-mail' culture. Telephone calls and e-mails from people they don't know, eventhough they're potential customers are often not, very late answered, and even when answered, no time or effort is invested in good communication.


Within Costa Blanca Events, all weddingplanners speak Spanish, so we're perfectly able to communicate with our suppliers.


A good contact between all parties concerned ( wedding couple, wedding planners, suppliers, ... ) is the key to a succesfully planned wedding !

Skype is a great tool to call with your wedding planners.


And the software and all calls are free of charge.

10 frequently asked questions about weddings abroad


According to marketing research 2/3 of the wedding couples consider a destination wedding.


The information on the internet and on various forums is confusing, to say the least.


As a professional and experienced wedding planner on the Spanish Costa Blanca, I receive a lot of questions about weddings abroad.


On these pages I try to answer to these questions.

What is the task of the wedding planner abroad ?