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First we book the venue for you, as professional wedding planners we can plan, organise and coördinate your perfect wedding, from arrival until departure, from A to Z...


But how do we do that, when we're in Spain, and you're in your home country, the UK, USA, Australia, ...


We know that our wedding couples often have a busy schedule, work long days, etc..., and that there can be time differences, etc..., so we needed a tool that everybody concerned could use at their convenience, not ours.


Yoep, your online wedding planner, is a tool that has been custom designed for Costa Blanca Events.

Via Yoep, you have 24/7 access to your entire wedding plan, guest list, etc...


In Yoep, we create your wedding plan, with detailed info, photo's prices, dates, times , quantities and the total cost of your wedding budget. When you decide to entrust the planning of your wedding to us, then you submit the simple wedding planner agreement and we start working for you.


First we book the venue for you, then those suppliers that are only able to do one wedding per day, such as photographers, videographers, musicians, DJ, etc...then the rest follows...

As professional wedding planners we want to make sure

that each and every wedding is perfect !

Then start the weeks or months of planning. Everything is in your wedding plan, with all info etc.


As soon as you have decided upon a specific service, you order it via the online wedding planner.

Your order is automatically send to the corresponding supplier, who is requested to confirm the order.

When he does, the order status is updated in your wedding plan, so you have 24/7 access to a real time version of your wedding plan and the organisation of your wedding in Spain.


In the online wedding planner, you also express your preferences, choices, colours, themes, etc

The photo's on our photogallery website can serve as an inspiration to you.


Simple and efficient, a great way for you to tell us how your dream wedding in Spain should look like.


And if you want to visit the Costa Blanca before your wedding, or before confirming your wedding plan, then that too, ofcourse is possible, and recommendable.


We'll take you on a tour of the venues and accommodations that could interest you, arrange a personal meeting with your wedding planner, and discuss the further steps.


Your Wedding in Spain  will be perfect, just as all our the weddings in Spain we organised before yours.


Quality and service is not achieved easily !


As wedding planners we carry a huge responsibility towards our wedding couples,

because they entrust the organisation of the most important day of their lives to us.


It's our policy to offer our wedding couples different options and choices for each service.

As a result, Costa Blanca Events collaborates with various venues, accommodations and suppliers.


Because the wedding couples rely on us to make sure their wedding truly is their dream wedding, we need to ensure that each and everyone of the companies we work with complies with all the agreements and arrangements we have made for the wedding, without room for failure or delay.


And so we need to be extremely careful in selecting the venues, accommodations, suppliers we work with, especially if they're new to us.

Hence, our Recommended Partner Plan.


When we make a quotation for a wedding couple, we select the venues, accommodations and services of whom we think might be of interest to you and for each service, we offer various options and choices.


However, we only offer venues, accommodations and services from suppliers of whom we are sure that they will comply with our quality standards,

In short, who have been accepted as Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner.

All our regular suppliers, venues and accommodations have succesfully passed and are commited to the Costa Blanca Events recommended partner plan !

Do What They Say and Say What They Do

What are the conditions for Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partners ?

  • Be in compliance with all requirements imposed by law and common practice

  • Offer an above standard product or service at a competitive, market based price

  • Offer a "lowest price guaranteed" to our wedding couples, ensuring that they cannot find the exact same product or service at a lower price elsewhere

  • Offer an excellent service, flexible and open minded to special requests from the wedding couple and their guests

  • Be service oriented, with attention to detail and customer friendly

  • Be very punctual, respecting agreements, appointments and deadlines

  • Provide us with photo's, video, prices and descriptions of your product or service so we can include it in our web gallery and online booking systems

  • Answer to our requests via e-mail or our propietary wedding planner platform within maximum 3 working days

  • and above all, must

How can I become a Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner ?

This can be the hardest part, depending on the product or service you offer.


First of all, your product or service must be significantly different from the ones offered by existing Recommended Partners, if not, we prefer to continue working with our existing RP's. The difference can be in the product, the price, the service, ... and must be motivated by the applicant.


Second, You can only become a Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner with a proven track record, in other words, if we're absolutely convinced that you comply with the above requirements. To proof your track record, there are 3 options ;


1 ) Reviews + mystery clients + live work.

First we look at your reviews, the quantity and the quality of them.

Additionally, you will be contacted by mistery clients / wedding couples who will ask info about your services.

Finally, we will ask  If that's ok, then we ask to see you live at work, for example during a wedding.


2 ) You offer a service, for which we currently don't have an RP. We will offer your product or service to our wedding couples, disclaiming responsibility over it.


3 ) One of your clients / wedding couples is interested in our services as wedding planners.

You bring us the client, and since the client has chosen you first, we don't need to assume responsibility over your work.


In all 3 cases, and depending on our experience with your product or service, we may require a second or even third couple before accepting you as RP.

Interested in becoming a Costa Blanca Events Recommended Partner ? 

Send us an e-mail with a description of your servies and your website.

We will contact you within 3 working days

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