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Questo sito è in fase di traduzione

A Thai fortune lampion is a great eastern tradition, and now also very popular in Europe, and so we're often asked if it's possible to arrange them.


During the wedding season ( from april to oktober ) it's usually nice and warm on the spanish Costa Blanca, and that's marvelous for a wedding.


Unfortunatly, it does not go very well with open fire.

Below the Thai fortune lampion is a candle, which heats the air that makes the lampion go up.


Because of the fire risk, it's not allowed to use these lampions, it's just too big of a risk.


But ofcourse, Costa Blanca Events has found a great alternative !


Just as nice, but without the fire risk !

A Thai fortune lampion is a great wedding tradition,

but unfortunatly due to the fire risk they're prohibited in Spain.

Our giant wish helium filled wish balloon with light,

is just as original as a Thai fortune lampion,

but without the fire risk

Spectacular wedding fireworks !

The Costa Blanca Events wish balloon is a giant ( 90 - 100 cm ) helium filled balloon, especially coated on the inside to better preserve the helium, and with a light inside.


The helium makes the balloon go up, while the light ensures that you can still see the balloon from kilometers distance.


Using a permanent marker, the guests write their wishes to the wedding couple on the ballon during dinner, after dinner this balloon is then released !


So, what about fireworks ?

Fireworks are a great way to celebrate a wedding, but again, due to fire risk, there are legal restrictions. We only work with a professional company that know what they are doing. In the price a mandatory lorry filled with water is included, in case something goes wrong.


Only professional pyrotechnics are allowed to do them, making the cost of fireworks substantially higher then 'just buying a few crackers' in a store.


Fireworks & Thai fortune lampions