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Of course the best memories are planted in your brain, but they fade through the years...

Therefore it is very important to have a good wedding photographer, someone who can capture all these special moments because there is no second chance !


Anyone can make pictures nowadays, especially with all the cameras and phones on the market which aren't that expensive anymore, but a good racket doesn't make a tennis champion, and a good camera is no guarantee for the best wedding photo's, it's also a matter of timing, knowing all aspects of the planning of the day to know where and when to position to take the best shots, with the right lenses and filters.


Therefore, we have carefully selected an agency of professional photographers who are used to the very specific lighting conditions of the area.


Additionally, they are familiar with the way we work, organise the ceremony etc, and therefore know perfectly when and where to position during the ceremony and which are the best spots for a photoshoot.


We have online sample galleries which show the various styles of photography, so you can choose, which style(s) you prefer. Then based on these styles, the photographers send 1 or 2 photographers and/or videographers based on your chosen photo / video service package.

Why choose for wedding videography on your wedding day ?


Some things you can't capture in a photograph.


With a video you have sound and images, the yes-I-do moment, vows, a laugh, a tear...

You see the surroundings, you relive it the whole day again !

Therefore we recommend combination packages with photo and video, so that both comliment each other perfectly.


What happens after the wedding ?


Taking good photos is essential for a good wedding album, but the real work starts after the wedding day, when the photographers start working on the raw images, to get them perfectly in balance, adjust if needed, remove any imperfections, etc.


So when will you receive your wedding photos ?


It's unlikely that all of your family and friends were able to attend your wedding, and so, understandably, your anxious to show photos of your wedding as soon as possible, preferably when you get back from your wedding.


Most photographers take months to process the photos, some even more then a year.


Not so with our photographers ;

  • 7 working days after the wedding, you will receive a link to an online photo gallery with all of your photos which have been semi-automatically edited and optimised by the photographers.

  • From these photos you select the ones you wish to obtain. The majority of our photography packages included a vast number of photos, and if you want more, you can select extra photos at a small extra cost.

  • The photos you've selected are then manually editted and optimised by the photographers, and maximum 45 working days later, you will receive a link to your online wedding photo gallery, from which you can download photos and have them printed, etc.

  • Most packages also include the design of your wedding photo album, and when done, the photographers send the design for your approval

  • Once approved, you can have the album printed in any local photo labo or order an album through various photo labo websites.

  • Some of our photo packages also include a virtual online wedding photo album, which allows you, your guests, family and friends with whom you share the special link, to view the album online, with romantic page flipping effects, etc.

  • 60 working days after the wedding, your wedding video will be ready for you to download.

  • All photos and the wedding album remain online until 1 year after the wedding

Our profesional wedding photographers know our venues, methods and ceremony and receive a briefing to make sure they are at the right place at the right time to make that perfect shot !

Can I bring my own wedding photographer? 


Yes you can, but experience tells us that this choice is certainly not the best, and often not the cheapest.


They're not familiar with our venues, light conditions, nor with your wedding plan, and so they won't know when and where to position, which lenses and filters to use at the various moments of the day, etc.


Therefore, we strongly advise against it, or asking a family or friend to do it, since on top of the former, they will only see the wedding through the lens. If you do decide to bring your own photographer, and in order to limit the risk of disappointment we will brief the photographer of the procedure of the ceremony, send him a timetable of the day, for which you need to contract the budget choice.


Additionally, you have to make sure that they comply to Spanish laws, either as an employee, or a an independant professional photographer with proof of contract to the wedding couple.

In Spain, as in other countries, the social services do regular inspections on social fraude.


Can I view the portfolio of the wedding photographers :

Many of the photos on our photo gallery website are taken by our photographers,

and so are the examples of the different photography styles but on request we can send you a link to a wedding gallery too.


Can I order a custom package for me :

Tell us exactly what you want, and we ask the photographers to quote.

Wedding photographer and / or wedding videographer for your wedding in Spain

You can find all info, descriptions, photos and prices in Yoep-P, our online wedding planner system which makes it very easy and stress free to plan your dream wedding in Spain.